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Altitude Generator

1. Efficiently produces low oxygen air.
2. Suitable for use in sport center, stadium, sleeping tents, high-altitude rooms, etc.
3. Maximum athletic performance by increasing your oxygen uptake and delivery.
4. Increases your red blood cell density.
5. Greatly increases your speed and endurance.

Parameters of Hypoxic Generator

Model JAY-10H JAY-20H JAY-40H
Oxygen flow 0-10LPM 0-20LPM 0-40LPM
Oxygen purity 93%+-3%
Hypoxic flow 100LPM 200LPM 400LPM
Hypoxic purity 9%-20%
Simulated altitude 0-6500M
Outlet pressure 0.04-0.07MPA (6-10PSI)
Noise level ≤50dB ≤60dB ≤60dB
Power AC220V (±10%), 50/60±1Hz AC110V (±10%), 50/60±1Hz
Power consumption ≤550VA ≤1100VA ≤2200VA
LCD display Starting times, operating pressure, preset working time, accumulated working time, preset time from 10mins to 40hours
Alarm Power failure alarm; high &low pressure alarm
Net weight 27Kgs 85Kgs 120Kgs
Size 365*375*600mm 580*400*1390mm 760*540*1390mm
Optional 1.OCSI 2.pulse oximeter 3.monitor system
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